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Bridge-Tech developed its product with all healthcare professionals in mind.  Whether you are a nurse, respiratory therapist, or in another specialty that needs device connectivity, we have a solution that fits your needs.  Our solution is designed to complement and work with existing technology while allowing you the ability to improve your clinical workflow. The bottom line is you want to create greater efficiency, eliminate redundancy, reduce charting errors and improve outcomes. 

Bridge-Tech’s Fusion device can stream data and does not require a mobile device to collect data.  With streaming data, patient data can be validated when you’re ready.  However, if the clinical staff is currently accustomed to charting with a mobile device, we provide the platform to leverage that technology to validate and signoff on the data at the bedside.  The data is sent immediately to the EMR allowing other healthcare professionals to access the data in near real-time. 

The end result is a clinical staff that has more time to do what they do best, providing patient care

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