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Fusion allows critical device data to be streamed via Wi-Fi or can be hardwired in environments where Wi-Fi is not feasible.  No hardwire or Wi-Fi capability?  No problem!  With Bridge-Tech you can acquire the data at the bedside with the use of a mobile platform through RFID or Barcode scan.  Fusion is compatible with all windows based platforms, and most smart devices like the iPad, iPhone, and android.

Wi-Fi connectivity gives you the freedom of no tangled cables to connect, and no cable to carry around to plug into a PC or mobile device.  Keeping track of cables and connections is a burdensome and unnecessary time constraint when the healthcare facility has the appropriate Wi-Fi structure.

The Bridge-Tech Fusion:

  • Works in Wired and/or Wireless environments.
  • Streams data continuously and/or predetermined time intervals.
  • Allows data to be captured at the bedside on demand in conjunction with streaming data.
  • Can mange up to four devices simultaneously.
  • Is small and unobtrusive with an easy to read display.
  • Works in both Low and High Acuity environments.
  • Features multiple patient-to-device association methods.
  • Flexible, scalable, and field upgradable.
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