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The Bridge-Tech connectivity solution is IT friendly and requires a minimum resource investment.  It is easy to implement and manage. Simply, Bridge-Tech works within your existing environment.

We know what it takes to connect. Your vendor must be able to give you a connectivity solution that meets the challenges for all departments.  It must be patient and clinician centered while not only integrating with the current work process, but allows for expansion to achieve even greater efficiencies. 

Our benefits include:

  • In high acuity environments, Bridge-Tech enables continuous data collection as well as data on demand. 
  • Our Fusion device is always ready and does not require a PDA, tablet, or other mobile device to collect vitals or establish patient identification
  • Features data caching for enhanced protection
  • Delivers wired or wireless networking options
  • Secure VPNs and data encryption
  • Can be deployed in a virtual environment
  • Can leverage existing technology
  • Embedded HL7 engine to integrate data into multiple HIS/EMR systems
  • Multiple options for PPID
  • Monitored applications and interfaces for quick troubleshooting.
  • Web based management application
  • Field upgradable

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