About Bridge-Tech

About Bridge-Tech


Bridge-Tech is a medical device data system provider with a simple approach to data capture & EMR integration.

Bridge-Tech Medical’s Fusion Bridge

Bridge-Tech Medical’s Fusion Bridge allows medical device data transmission in any clinical environment. Wi-Fi or hard-wire are standard Fusion options, but even during patient transport or Wi-Fi system outages, we capture data and store it temporarily for later upload to the CIS.

Associating medical devices with patients is easy.

Bridge-Tech understands that a variety of methods may be necessary to do this, so we provide several options such as ADT Feed, Bar Code, RFID, or through our push technology.

We capture 100% of medical device data

We capture 100% of medical device data and allow you filter the data display based on the level of detail needed for various departments. Data is available to your CIS in real time.

Be as detailed as you want.

Nursing may need a small amount of data delivered continuously, but intensivists and respiratory therapists may need more detailed data delivered on demand.
Sending a small amount of data is what some solution providers deem adequate. With complex medical devices, however, incomplete data sets are often not adequate to make informed clinical decisions. Connectivity is more than a cable or Wi-Fi device that connects a medical device to the EMR. It is about providing solutions that meet multiple department’s needs.

Increased work flow efficiency.

When hours of manual data entry across the enterprise is replaced by instantaneous data delivery, exponential efficiency gains are an obvious result. Just as
important, inevitable transcription errors are eliminated.

Accessibility of real time data.

Making clinical decisions based on current device data versus data that is hours old is an immediate improvement in patient care.

Data Storage = Data that can be mined.

Stored data becomes an invaluable resource for outcome trending, analysis, research and best-practice improvement.