Bridge-Tech Medical

Medical Device Data – Collection, Management and Distribution



Bridge-Tech Medical specializes in ventilator and critical care device data systems.

We serve Acute Care Hospitals, LTAC Facilities, Skilled Nursing, and Home Ventilator DME Providers.

In medical facilities, we deploy virtually in the secure internal network for direct EMR interface. Respiratory Therapy  clinical notes can be customized, and ventilator data is available for clinical information systems.

For Skilled Nursing, Bridge-Tech is a PointClickCare partner. System hosting may be in PCC’s Cloud or in the facility’s local network.

Ventilator and other medical devices in the home environment are hosted in a HIPAA secured Cloud environment. DMEs and physicians can view patient data and manage care remotely.

Founded in 2004, Bridge-Tech Medical is the leader in ventilator data management for Respiratory Therapy. Contact us to learn more: |  877-240-0440

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