In most health care facilities, critical information gaps exist between medical devices and the EMR.Bridge-Tech’s solution bridges those gaps allowing medical device data (MDD) to be retrieved and transmitted electronically to clinical viewing platforms, decision support applications and the EMR.


  • Fusion Bridge is a plug-and-play connection to medical devices. Fusion collects 100% of MDD and transmits data via wireless or wired connections.
  • Synchrony data management system receives MDD from our Fusion Bridge and serves as the dashboard for configuring MDD displays, reports, validation, and EMR integration.
  • Clinician Validation (CV App) provides point -of-care display of MDD for clinician validation. The MDD is presented in a format configured on the client’s preference.
  • CV+Notes enables point of care input of clinical observations, assessments and treatments.

We provide a simple yet powerful approach to medical device data retrieval, distribution and integration.

Whether you want to stream data, acquire data on demand at the bedside or both, BTM offers the flexibility to work in any clinical environment.

Bridge-Tech can support and integrate any medical device that has a live com port, and we can even help to integrate devices that do not. With new devices hitting the market every day, a library of drivers is nice, but not necessary to achieve the desired results.


Fusion Bridge

  • Works in Wired and/or Wireless environments.
  • Streams data continuously, or at predetermined time intervals.
  • Allows data to be captured at the bedside or on demand in conjunction with streaming data.
  • Can mange up to four medical devices simultaneously.
  • Is small and unobtrusive with an easy to read display.
  • Works in both Low and High Acuity environments.
  • Features multiple patient-to-device association methods.
  • Flexible, scalable, and field upgradable.

Bridge-Tech's Fusion Bridge allows critical device data to be streamed via Wi-Fi or via hardwire in environments where Wi-Fi is not feasible. Even during patient transport where no enterprise connection is available, the Fusion Bridge can acquire data and send it to our Clinical Verification (CV) App on a mobile platform through RFID or Barcode scan.

One Fusion Bridge can manage up to four Medical devices. Each medical device is assigned to a Fusion Bridge and a matched-identity is logged.

Fusion is a true plug and play solution and on power up, it identifies the medical device and immediately begins acquiring and streaming data to our Synchrony data management system. Fusion will cache critical device data should enterprise connectivity go down temporarily.


  Fusion Bridges link to our Synchrony data management solution where medical device data is normalized and distributed to clinical display platforms and to the EMR. Configuration dashboards in Synchrony allow medical device data to be streamed continuously, sent at predefined time intervals, captured on-demand, or a combination of all three. It’s your choice!

Synchrony collects and stores validated data from the CV-App or non-validated streaming data across the enterprise and stages data transmission to the EMR using proven integration engines. Synchrony has admin tools for alerts, data trend reports, data mining and more.

Synchrony can run in a virtual environment so the health care facility can leverage existing server space and technology.


  Bridge-Tech’s CV App allows clinicians to view device data on demand, and validate the data captured at the point-of-care. The app also displays previous clinical assessments and device data, providing context for the current patient assessment. The data is displayed in a format determined by the clinical department so it is familiar to the staff.

Thresholds and limits can be set for any medical device parameter to highlight values out of range, allowing inconsistencies to be quickly identified and addressed.

The CV-App runs on windows based PC’s, android and iOS mobile devices, and can be leveraged on existing health care technology. If there is a temporary network outage there is no worry about lost data. The data is also stored and cached locally on the CV-App. The data will simply upload when the network is back on-line.

CV+NOTES (Optional)

In addition to device data capture and validation, CV+Notes has customized, pre-scripted input forms to document clinical observations, assessments and treatments, etc.

CV+ Notes includes productivity reporting, clinical reports designed to identify trends, and more. It is an add-on solution for customers that do not have EMR input access or have a less-than-satisfactory documentation system.


Bridge-Tech deploys Corepoint Health’s proven HL-7 interface engine delivering robust and reliable integration.