Bridge-Tech Medical and IPeople Join Forces to Bridge the Gap Between Medical Devices and MEDITECH

Bridge-Tech Medical, Inc. and Interface People, LP (IPeople) are excited to announce a partnership with a collaborative focus on simplifying the data exchange between your medical devices and your HCIS system. Both organizations understand the challenges that the healthcare organizations face with critical gaps between medical devices and the electronic medical record. As a result, the two companies are joining forces with a commitment to streamline the delivery to your MEDITECH system.

"Partnering with Bridge-Tech Medical builds on our ongoing commitment to continually improve the quality and efficiency of your experience with your data", said Jenny Blue, CEO and Partner of IPeople. " By working together to automate key clinical documentation, we can help care providers work more efficiently and allow them to focus on the task at hand...providing excellent patient care."

About Bridge-Tech Medical

Bridge-Tech Medical is a Medical Device Data System provider. Since 2004 Bridge-Tech has specialized in automating documentation of complex medical devices to free up skilled clinical labor resources.Deploying a unique wireless medical device connectivity system that places data extraction intelligence directly on each medical device, Bridge-Tech delivers ready-to-use clinical data, via IPeople, directly to MEDITECH.Bridge-Tech harvests 100% of the data from complex medical devices like ventilators as well as lower level devices like vital signs monitors, using the same technology throughout, resulting in universal medical device integration. The system architecture scales easily from small hospitals to midsize to large medical centers., making it an affordable solution to gain efficiency and accuracy in documenting medical device data.

About IPeople

As a premiere healthcare integration provider, IPeople combines innovative solutions with in-depth industry knowledge for smarter, easier access to data. IPeople's HCIS expertise takes them to the next level of building reliable and efficient bi-directional interfaces that organizations can trust. For the last 15 years, IPeople has earned a solid reputation for providing robust and reliable interface solutions to the healthcare community. The IPeople team is committed to continually improving the quality and efficiency of your experience with your data. for more information please visit